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At Western Paediatric Physio in Melbourne’s West, we are well aware that children wear out their shoes faster than adults, which means parents trying to find a durable pair is a priority. Another vital feature should be finding a supportive fit!
We often take our hands for granted, even though it’s our hands that allow us to perform most of our daily tasks. They allow us to use and manipulate objects, utensils and tools. It’s not just our hands, but our hand control that provides us with the ability to do these tasks, such as making use of each finger individually in order to perform certain functions.
Many of us believe creativity to be an innate ability born into a select few – however, research into the subject has indicated otherwise. Creativity is a learned and teachable behaviour, that can thrive best in socially-engaged, or group situations.
We’re well into the summer season now, and with that summer sunshine beckoning us outside, it’s important to be aware of the hazards that come with the warmer weather, as well as being prepared for the potential first aid emergencies that we may be faced with.
Babies begin their life developing in an environment with quite cramped quarters. The position of a baby whilst in the cramped quarters of the uterus, as well as during delivery or the postures they adopt as newborns can all contribute to the development of musculoskeletal (muscles and bones) problems