Hoppers Crossing Paediatric Physio | Children's Plagiocephaly Physio
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Have you noticed your baby’s head tilting to one side or them preferring to look in one direction?


Infant torticollis is what causes this and is the result of a tightened muscle on one side of the neck. It is common, affecting 3 in every 100 babies and in most cases easily treated. Your baby will likely have been born with the condition (congenital torticollis) and is usually due to their position in utero or injury during birth.


Symptoms to look for may include

  • Head tilt or rotation to one side
  • Reduced range of motion to move baby’s head
  • Flattening on one side of baby’s head
  • Baby may prefer feeding from one side only
  • A small lump on baby’s neck
  • Plagiocephaly or a flat spot behind one ear

If you are concerned please get an assessment by our physiotherapist to determine if further tests will be required.

For more information please view our Fact Sheet below: