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Growing Pains

Growing pains are vague leg aches and the pain is most commonly felt in the muscles in the front of the thigh, behind the knee, and the calf.


Children with growing pains have good general health. The pains generally occur in the late afternoon or evening before bed, and there may be pain that wakes a sleeping child. The pain tends to come and go and is often worse after a very active day. Intermittent pain may continue for months or even
several years.


Children with growing pains should be treated with reassurance and symptomatic relief. Most pains are eased by the use of massage and gentle heat (warm bath or application of mild heat pack) and these will also comfort an anxious child. Muscle stretches may be helpful before the child goes to bed.


Our physiotherapists can assess your child to determine if this is the cause of their vague intermittent pain and advise you on appropriate management.

For more information please view our Fact Sheet below: