School Bags and Back pain - Western Paediatric Physiotherapy
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School Bags and Back pain

School Bags and Back pain

Kids back to school! 

Who would have thought that the joy of children returning to the classroom could mean so much! Parents around Victoria are throwing parties, and loving the fact that parents can return to just parenting rather than being a teacher! 

With children returning to the classroom, is a return of the school uniforms, packed lunches and of course their school bags! 

School bags often are larger than the smaller primary school children, and if not packed and fitted properly, can lead to back pain in primary children. Some tips are: 

  • Ensure the straps are tightened so the main load of the backpack is on the middle to upper back, not low near their hips 
  • Do not overpack! Lunch boxes often have handles now, so carry those rather than put in the bag if too heavy 
  • If your child is complaining it is too heavy, it might be, check what can be removed or modified to lighten the load. If in doubt, ask the classroom teacher what they require day to day 

For the older secondary aged students, ensure 

  • Heavy textbooks are kept in lockers as able, not overloaded in the bag 
  • Make sure straps are the same as for younger children, must be over the upper/mid back to prevent lower back pain 
  • Make sure to have both straps on shoulders! This equals the load through the body, so we don’t stress one side 
  • Traditional back packs are better than sports bags/shoulder bags. Practicality is better than fashion trends 
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