Home therapy exercises - Western Paediatric Physiotherapy
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Home therapy exercises

Home therapy exercises

In the current climate, we are encouraged to keep social distances and your child may have to stay at home. 

Therapy can continue at home. 

Below are some games and activities which will help your child work on their balance, strength and handeye coordination while keeping them entertained: 

  1. Balancing beam 
  1. Indoor bowling 
  1. Sock toss to a target or into a bucket 
  1. Indoor obstacle course 
  1. Puzzles 
  1. Card games involving numbers and colours 
  1. Dominoes for numbers 
  1. “Freeze” or “Statues” 
  1. Hide and Seek 
  1. Treasure hunt 
  1. Blowing bubbles and catching or stomping on them. 
  1. Simon says 
  1. Play dough for hand strength 
  1. Balloon ball 
  1. Musical chairs 
  1. Indoor hopscotch 
  1. Treading pasta on a string 
  1. Twister 

These activities can aid by working on balance on single leg or unstable surfaces, squat or sit to stand, strength, hand-eye coordination, reaching and trunk control and general aerobic strength and conditioning. 

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