Western Paediatric Physio | Experienced Children's Physiotherapy Care
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Rebecca graduated in 1997 and has worked in the private practice sector for more than 15 years. She became a principal physiotherapist in the centre and has chosen to return to working with kids and their families as part of her caseload.


Rebecca worked in children’s services prior to this and has always enjoyed the special connections and reward of working in paediatrics and seeing them progress and meet goals. Having a teenage daughter herself she is well aware of the various stages children progress through over the years and managing a busy schedule.


Rebecca enjoys working with infants and young children to help them reach their milestones and see them smile. Developmental issues can be a worrying time and providing education to the families on how best to help your child progress is an important part of rehab. Having coached and still playing netball she enjoys working with adolescents to help them recover after fractures, sprains and strains and get them back to sport.