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Creativity – a learnable behaviour

Creativity – a learnable behaviour

Many of us believe creativity to be an innate ability born into a select few – however, research into the subject has indicated otherwise. Creativity is a learned and teachable behaviour, that can thrive best in socially-engaged, or group situations.

Creativity isn’t just about making pretty things, it is an essential element in problem-solving and improving on how things are done. So, how can you encourage creativity and creative thinking in your child?

* Encourage regular journaling – This provides an outlet to freely express thoughts, emotions and ideas. It also helps to clarify this information, allowing for the expansion and evolution of these expressions.

* Create mood boards – Not only is this a creative outlet, but it can also help children to identify with their thoughts and emotions.

* Have brainstorming sessions – This encourages collaboration, critical thinking, provides insight into different perspectives and opinions, and can help children to learn to work together towards a common goal, rather than compete.

* Engage them with a brief daily mindfulness mediation – Just 5 minutes of meditation each day helps to reduce stress, which allows for more creative and deeper thinking.

* Encourage risk-taking (in a safe, learning environment) – Allow children to be free of the confines of “right” and “wrong” – let them experiment and develop their own techniques and ideas.

* Help them to experience different outdoor environments – The combination of being outdoors – which helps to free and expand the mind – along with stimulating the senses, encourages and inspires creativity.

* Encourage curiosity – Questioning how things work or why things are the way they are, helps with developing creative problem-solving abilities. Also, the more that children understand, the easier it is for them to learn.

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